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Thursday, August 14, 2014

To Those Who Have Read
the Notes On This Website:

An Opportunity
For Individualized Teaching

I have waited desperately for some rabbis to respond positively to the note that I wrote on this website last Friday: ,

in order that they might turn again to the Truth; in order that the Truth might thereby be more widely publicized; and that, as a result, there might be even a slight reduction in the suffering and bloodshed of the coming “time of trouble” Prophesied by Daniel.

But, to my knowledge, there is not even so much as one rabbi—nor, to my knowledge, even so much as one Jewish, Christian or Muslim religious official on the face of this entire planet (although I sincerely hope to be proven wrong)—who cares at all about the Truth; who cares about seriously diminishing the violence and bloodshed in the Middle East; or who cares about the Knowledge that has been Revealed over the past four thousand years to those individuals who have, as I have, personally received the Vision of the “Son of man” and the Revelation of “the resurrection”.

So, out of desperate financial necessity, I have no choice but to turn to those who have read the notes on my websites, or who have listened to the videos on my 4Q529 YouTube channel—and to any others who, perhaps surprisingly, have discovered that they are simply not satisfied with what they have been told to date by their monotheistic religious officials, and who recognize that there is something fundamentally lacking in their teaching—to ask whether there are any among them who are not only genuinely interested in the Truth:

The Truth about the Thanksgiving Hymns of the Dead Sea Scrolls (which I have researched for more than 40 years); but which, however, has yet to be publicized in any of the books, journal articles, or other writings of the ‘official’ Dead Sea Scrolls researchers...

The Truth about the Teaching of Jesus, as conveyed in at least some of the writings found at Nag Hammadi, Egypt—for example, the Treatise On the Resurrection, the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Truth, and the Gospel of Mary (which I have researched for more than 38 years)but which has also been censored and suppressed by the academic, mainstream and ‘alternative’ media in order to preserve the economic interests of the monotheistic religious establishment...

And the Truth about the three dimensions of human consciousness, as explained at:

But, also—importantly—would be willing to make a donation in order to receive, over Skype, an individualized, detailed and more personally relevant explanation of the Knowledge that has been Revealed through these Revelations.

Over the past 38 years, I have held quite rigidly to the principle that the Teaching must not be exchanged for money; that the payment of money cannot be made a requirement for the receiving of the Teaching. And I have also spent thousands and tens of thousands of dollars in my efforts to inform others of the Knowledge that has been Revealed to me, fully aware that the acknowledgment of Revealed Truth is absolutely crucial to the preservation of human life. (“My people perish for lack of Knowledge.”)

But, as the bloodshed in the Middle East has only increased over this time—while many thousands of the monotheistic religious officials have, simultaneously, quite easily made either tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in the effective marketing of their teaching—my financial situation has only drastically deteriorated.

And, although reading the notes on my websites—and/or listening to the videos on my 4Q529 YouTube channel—may very well provide a general introduction as well as a detailed explanation of at least part of the Knowledge Revealed through these Revelations, much of that information is of no immediate
personal relevance to those who read it. And it is only through an individualized Teaching, and a close interaction between the teacher and the student (see, for example, Saying #13 in the Gospel of Thomas) that a person can be made aware of that Knowledge which is specifically, immediately and personally relevant to their own individual spiritual development and transformation of consciousness.

Thus, anyone interested in receiving over Skype an individualized and detailed Teaching concerning the Knowledge that has been Revealed through these Revelations (this Knowledge is sharply different than what some ‘popularizes’ of the Kabbalah have charged thousands of dollars for, thereby enriching themselves) should contact me at (with the subject line reading “Individualized Teaching) providing:

1) their name and age (the Teaching given to a 45 year-old is sharply different than the Teaching given to an 18 year-old)

2) their religious, philosophical, and/or scientific background; and,

3) their principal area of interest [for example, the monotheistic Revelations (including the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hammadi Codices, or Jewish mysticism); the Eastern esoteric perspective (including the teaching of, for example, J. Krishnamurti); or issues of philosophy, psychology and consciousness (as touched on in Towards A New Paradigm of Consciousness)].

Michael Cecil